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Follow the links above for a master list of important MCPS messages and resource links gathered from various state, local, and MCPS announcements, including:

  • Official health and safety sources
  • Meal distribution and family wellness support
  • Student instruction and activity resources
  • Diversity, equity, & inclusion resources

Siga los enlaces anteriores para obtener una lista maestra de mensajes importantes de MCPS y enlaces de recursos recopilados de varios anuncios estatales, locales y MCPS, que incluyen:  (a través del Traductor de Google)

  • Fuentes oficiales de salud y seguridad
  • Distribución de comidas y apoyo para el bienestar familiar
  • Instrucción estudiantil y recursos de actividades
  • Recursos de diversidad, equidad e inclusión

ከተለያዩ ስቴቶች ፣ አካባቢያዊ እና ከ MCPS ማስታወቂያዎች የተሰበሰቡ አስፈላጊ የ MCPS መልእክቶች እና የንብረት አገናኞች ዝርዝርን ለማግኘት ከዚህ በላይ ያሉትን አገናኞች ይከተሉ-  (በ Google ትርጉም በኩል)

  • ኦፊሴላዊ የጤና እና ደህንነት ሀብቶች
  • የምግብ አቅርቦት እና የቤተሰብ ደህንነት ድጋፍ
  • የተማሪ ትምህርት እና የእንቅስቃሴ ሀብቶች
  • ብዝሃነት ፣ ፍትሃዊነት እና ማካተት ሀብቶች

Official MCPS Coronavirus COVID-19 Information

MCPS Student Resources

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HVES Expansion Information

Information on Highland View expansion project progress (important dates, links, documents and updates)  can be found on this page.