There are three primary ways to let the HVES PTA community know about your event:
  1. Email the PTA Listservecommunity@hves-pta.org
    • Note: only list members can post.
    • To join, email admin@hves-pta.org and tell us your child's grade and teacher.
    • We'll add your email address to the list ASAP
  2. Add your event to this site:
    • Contact the site webmaster at webmaster@hves-pta.org
  3. OR add your event to the HVES PTA monthly activities flyer
    • Contact the volunteer coordinator
Remember:  Whenever possible, your event's information should be translated into Spanish (see below).

Spanish Translations

We translate PTA documents for school-wide distribution.

Are you a PTA Member who needs a document translated?

If you are preparing a flyer or communication for parents, the PTA asks that you have it translated into Spanish. Please give the team 7-10 days to complete the translation. We will try our best to complete requests due for “this week’s Thursday Folders” the same week but prefer a longer lead time. Also, please remember to add "version en espanol al reverso" to the English side of each PTA flyer or announcement.

What translations are available?

Currently, we only have English toSpanish translators. We are always looking for others. If you know of someone who can volunteer, please forward their contact information to Mayra.

How do you request a translation?

Our Spanish Translation Team Schedule/Calendar can be found by clicking this link: www.SignUpGenius.com/go/10C0C4EA5AC2E5-oncall2. Once at this site, look at the schedule at the bottom of the page to locate the next available translator. Then find the translator's email listed above the schedule and send your PTA document to that person. Please remember to send your document at your earliest convenience and expect a 7-10 day turnaround.
Thank You!